Webinar on Analog to Digital Control Loop Theory

Date: Friday, December 4, 2015

Time: 7AM

Location: Online

Session-I agenda:

  • This advanced professional training session will start from the very basics of control loop theory. It will first tear down common misconceptions since they can hinder further understanding.

  • It will then progress to an overview of disturbances and related transfer functions at an abstract level.

  • From there, on to analog compensators in switching regulators, and how to optimize them effectively.

  • It will present a detailed understanding of poles and zeros in the s-plane, and proceed to develop the intuitive and mathematical basis for understanding PID coefficients as well.

  • It will finally create a bridge between analog control loops and modern digital control loops, with an emphasis on the advanced proprietary techniques used by some key vendors today.

  • Common nuances and “gotchas" will be scrutinized, and practical loop measurement techniques will also be discussed.

  • Current mode control and hysteretic control will also be touched upon briefly.

Session-II agenda:

  • MOSFETs are a ubiquitous miracle of modern technology--in our normal, daily life, we're surrounded by many millions all quietly doing their jobs so effectively, we don't even notice them. However, these devices fail and circuits must be properly designed to achieve the amazing reliability we expect.

  • In an amusing fashion, Ken Coffman shows the ten ways MOSFETs can be destroyed, with the humble suggestion that avoiding overstresses will minimize failures.

  • In addition, Ken will discuss the trade-offs for the proper selection of MOSFETs for common power device designs

Who should attend:

  • Power management professionals who want to demystify the control topology to advance their career in their respective areas

  • Marketing and sales people who want to learn the control topology to have a better understanding of the DC-DC converters

  • MS/PhD students who want to learn industry oriented power management knowledge

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