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Designing magnetics is the single most challenging aspect of the design of a power supply. Reference materials are hard to come by and tend to leave out a lot of practical information necessary to design your own, or even to be able to check that your vendor has done a good job of designing it for you. In this workshop we will help you through this process by focusing on practical aspects of the design of inductors, transformers and flyback transformers. 

Date: TBD


Time: 8AM - 2PM PST

Location: Online



  • We start from the basics, explaining the fundamental theory and operation of magnetic structures and some of the terminology used. We also talk about some of the basics of magnetic cores.

  • Moving to the practical side, we turn to the easiest case, the design of an inductor and go into considerable detail about how to actually design it. We will look at core material and size selection, and wire selection.

  • We calculate power loss in both the winding and the core. We also look at estimating the temperature rise of the inductor.

  • Then we add an extra winding to the inductor to make a transformer. We consider the differences from an inductor design by looking at a forward transformer, and go into considerable detail about how to design it, so that it doesn’t saturate, and also is producible, and how to select the windings.

  • Then we look at a current-sensing transformer and go into detail on how to design such a thing.

  • Finally, we consider a wide variety of practical aspects of design, to ensure that your design can actually be built---and be reproducible. We cover topics such as commonly available core sizes and air gaps, skin effect, and how to wind a transformer by hand for prototyping.

  • We conclude with some comments about simulating transformers in LTspice.

After completing this webinar, you will

  • Be able to design a custom inductor or transformer when it's not available through distribution

  • Be able to select a magnetic core, wire size and air gap

  • And be able to estimate how hot the design is going to get.

The workshop recording will be provided to the attendees after the workshop so you can learn at your own pace.

Who should attend:

  • Power management professionals

  • Design engineers

  • Application engineers

  • Field Application engineers

  • Marketing and sales people who want to learn about magnetics

  • MS/PhD students who want to join the semiconductor industry soon



Speaker: Ron Lenk
















Ron Lenk is a veteran engineer specializing in power supplies and LED drivers. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, has 35 issued U.S. patents, and is the author of a best-selling book on power supplies, and co-author of a best-selling book on LEDs and LED drivers now in its 2nd edition. He was co-founder and CEO of SuperBulbs (Switch Light), a venture-funded light bulb manufacturer. He has given previous webinars at Learner’s Place on LED drivers and on Control Loops. He is currently a consultant, doing both design work and invention. He graduated from M.I.T. with an S.B. in Physics, and remains actively engaged in theoretical physics and mathematics. 

Books written by Ron Lenk


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