About Us


Learner's Place Professional Academy (LPPA) is a leading provider of high-quality training programs for working professionals seeking to enhance their skills and advancing their careers in the industry. Recent graduates or MS/PhD students can also gain industry specific knowledge and hands on experience. LPPA's main strength is its strong faculty team. All our faculties are industry's seasoned veterans and experts in their own field of work. 


Our workshops offer industry focused advanced curricula, small class size and highly qualified faculty with years of relevant industry experience.


There are four different ways in which we provide training: 

1. Onsite workshop

2. Online training  with live instructors

3. Hybrid workshops with a mixture of online and onsite training

4. Online training with pre-recorded course materials

Industry Oriented Course

Courses provided by Learner's Place Professional Academy is designed by industry experts for the professionals of the same field who wants to learn new/existing technologies and improve their skills or tries to get a new job. 

Leadership Development


Further your career, embark on your first entrepreneurial venture, or grow your existing buisness with the help of our business and management courses. The courses are taught by experienced faculty who understand how to prepare you for success as an startup entrepreneur, or manager for a project, department or business. 


Corporate Training


Enhance employee skills with our on-site training tailored to help you meet your business challenges and goals. Contact us for your corporate training and we will provide you a training session with a industry seasoned experts. Your employees will learn new skills, competitive strategies, and best practices that they can apply on the job right away.